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If you have a website growing, then it’s just a matter of time you’ll need more power than shared hosting can provide.
Our Business Hosting plan delivers the same power and performance of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) without the pain of server administration.

Worry-free – 30 Days Money Back

Speed, Reliability, Support & So Much More!

Speed is one of the main essentials you will be in need so much. I’m pretty much sure you don’t like slow websites, neither do your visitors. Your visitors won’t waste their time waiting on your site and that is the main reason of low conversion rate. They are just simply going to find a different site and buy from or get their information from, don’t let that happen to you! The bottom line is we’re faster than any other web hosting services, which makes us more reliable.

According to our thousands of customer we’ve a great conversion ratio. Who ever started their journey with us never end up changing their provider. We are one of the leading hosting brand with 20X faster servers along with 30-days moneyback guarantee, free data backups and free domain name. Our ultra-reliable, high-performance hosting are going to help you and your sites succeed.

Up to 20X Faster Servese

Enterprise-grade SSD drives that ensure up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to other hosting providers using non-SSD drives.​

Free .xyz Domain Name

Register a brand new .xyz domain name free of charge. We will renew your domain for free,
as long as you have an active
hosting service.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Enterprise-grade SSD drives that ensure up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to other hosting providers using non-SSD drives.​

1-Click App Installs

With Softaculous included, you’ll be able to easily install hundreds of apps including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal with just 1-click.

Automated Backups

Protecting your hard work, we take
daily offsite backups of your data and store them up to 30 days. Restore anytime from your
control panel.

FREE SSL Security

We provide a free ‘Let’s Encrypt’ SSL certificate to protect your site with HTTPS — encrypting traffic and instantly boosting SEO
with Google.

Thinking about transferring to YotHost?
We’ve made it easier than ever!

Domain Transfer

Already have your domain name? Transfer it over to YotHost for and set up your website on our powerful servers with 99.9% uptime, guaranteed.

Free Website Migration

Migrating your website from one host to another can be daunting, but we’ll help you every step of the way to ensure your website stays online and available.

24/7 Support

We are one of those very rare companys who offers premium support over the phone 24/7. Our expert support team are always ready to give their best anytime.


Here are some of the questions we are being asked most of the time.

Yes! You will need three important things to build a website: a memorable domain name, web hosting and website files. A domain will be your shop name, web host is a space you rent to build your shop and site files are the items in your shop. Your web host provides the server where your site files are stored to make your online shop live and they can be accessed at yourdomain.com.

In the term of “Shared Hosting” says itself that it is shared. The websites hosted in this type of server will share all the resources of the server. It is considered to be the most affordable for beginners because this kind of theme always comes with a cheap price. Shared hosting is the best option for bloggers, start-ups and small business websites.

There are both technical thing and non-technical thing you need to think of before choosing a hosting. Firstly you have to know that with lots of visitor Shared Hosting won’t be a good choise. But if you are starting a new business or blog then shared hosting is for you. Look at the price and the services they provide before buying one. Many hosting providers comes with a cheap price but they are also using cheap tecnology and have a short lost of services.

Yes! You can transfer your web hosting to TeconceHost, and don’t worry you can do that absolutely for free and its so easy.

You will have a free .xyz domain with shared hosting for first year. It’s only for yearly package only.

cPanel is a web-based hosting control panel which is provided by us to website owners like you allowing to manage all of your websites information from a web-based interface. cPanel gives you a graphical interface from which you can control your portion of the Unix server.

You can install apps/cms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, etc… with just a single click. No need to think of technical things.